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"I'm a filmmaker who loves everything concerning motion and still pictures aesthetic,  adore and explore magic enriching and separating art from reality".





Sofia - a film by Stefano Pasotti

"I wanted to make this film because neither science apparent objectivity nor art expressive prowess
are able to convey reality and truth in their mere complexity. The bi-dimensionality strictness of the motion picture craft
can just convey multiple layers of meaning but not reality itself.
Moving pictures, sounds and words within a frame are like an open window showing a very personal point view".

                                                                                                                                  Stefano Pasotti


Ex Nihilo - The girl who dresses the Universe


Out of nothing Matter was created.
Out of Matter a Goddess was born.
A Goddess inlaid with Stars dances in the Emptiness.
The Goddess' Dance creates Light so that Shadows can now exist.
The Universe as we know it is created, filled with its dim distant dying Stars.
A Sphere rustles between Goddess' hands.
Earth is born.

First a pure shapeless essence like paint strokes fill the screen, then gathering together they start forming a being of another nature with human features.
A Goddess inlaid with stars dances in the emptiness.
The universe is now born and soon all its colors will start to go dim until all the stars are dead and from their brightness one last creation has to be done: planet earth.

Everything was shot internally on the Canon EOS C500 at 60 fps in 720p with C-Log.
Being black light bulbs a very weak source ISO settings were between 2500 and 3200 but still all clips were very very clean.
For the abstract shots I used a Lens Baby Control Freak with an f 2.8 Aperture Disk and sometimes a Lens Baby +4 Macro filter attached on.
For the rest I used Zeiss Compact Prime 50mm T 2.1 shot wide open.
I also used a Vari-Star filter for different shots to enhance light-rays and to make the colors glow a little bit more.
I edited in Premiere Pro CS6 and exported into After Effects CS6 for color-correction
and visual effects.
The earth was modeled using Maya and rendered with V-Ray.

This video was made for Hammock band video contest on Talenthouse.
Ex Nihilo is an unofficial music video for Cold Front.

HAMMOCK'S CHOICE: Honorable mention #1


FILM & VIDEO: Interview with Stefano Pasotti 3D graphics specialist
Lensbaby Blog (October 04, 2013)
Article written by manufacturer of a special lens used in the project.

Filmmaker Stefano Pasotti Explains Getting Brilliant In-Camera Effects for 'Ex Nihilo'
Nofilmschool (November 08, 2013)
Article by the popular filmmaking blog


Stefano Pasotti
Director; Producer

Stefano Pasotti

Elisa Spinelli
Lead Actor
Stefano Pasotti
Art Department

Marzia Parini
Makeup Artist

Sara Bonzi
Makeup Artist

Post Production

Stefano Pasotti
Editor; Digital Effects
Toshiba 4K TV Commercial
More Real Than Reality (Реальнее реальности)

This video was made for this Eyeka International Contest.
Hard to say where the idea came from, it pretty much popped into my mind when I read what the content was about. Mostly I do post-production all by myself. The idea of the video was pretty clear in my mind as soon as I read the brief and I thought that it'd have turned out well.